Apparently We Are Making Poor Purchasing Decisions After Drinking!

Don’t Drink and Shop!

More than a quart of Americans say that they have shopped or do shop under the influence – that’s about 53.4 million people! announced the results of its drunk shopping survey after talking to 2000 people and their boozed up buying habits.

The upside, the number of people drunk shopping is down, however; the spending is way up.  Americans spent $39.4 billion on drunk buys in 12 months, up from $30.43 million last year.

It’s expected that the average drunk person will spend $736 on stuff while under the influence in 2019!

This begs the question, what are drunk people buying?

More than half (52%) of females are shopping for clothes compared to men at 37% percent…

Overall people are drunk buying

Clothing, shoes Etc…




Tech Products


Records (vinyles, CDS)