Ariana Grande Is Suing Forever 21 For $10 Million!

Ariana says that Forever 21 is piggybacking off her fame and influence to sell their wares.

The complaint was filed on Monday and states in part that Forever 21 and Riley Rose misappropriated her name, image, likeness and music, including by employing a “strikingly similar” looking model, in a website and social media campaign early this year.

Ariana and Forever 21 were in talks awhile back for a joint marketing campaign, but Ariana was too expensive and the retailer would not pay.  Grande has more than 65 million Twitter followers and 163 million Instagram followers. 

Forever 21 released a statement that reads in part:

“Forever 21 does not comment on pending litigation as per company policy,” the company said in a statement. “That said, while we dispute the allegations, we are huge supporters of Ariana Grande and have worked with her licensing company over the past two years. We are hopeful that we will find a mutually agreeable resolution and can continue to work together in the future.”