Barbie is Teaching Children About Anti-Black Racism

Barbie listens to her friend Nikki about a very important topic

I was surprised when I saw this video where Barbie has a conversation with her friend Nikki about the Black Lives Matter protests and anti-black racism.

I’m reminded of 8-year old Grace, our first KOOL Kid Summer Reading Club winner this summer, who told me that the kids in her school made fun of her because of her hair and skin colour. She’s Black. I was angry and sad on her behalf and wondered what the parents of those bullies were teaching or NOT teaching their children.

This IS a conversation that parents need to have with their children.

For parents not sure where to start when talking to their children about racism, Barbie might just be the place to start.

Barbie listens as her friend Nikki talks about her experiences as a Black girl including being stopped by police many times on a beach while selling stickers and having a teacher question her French skills while championing other students who were not as skilled. They put the discussion of ‘privilege’ in very easy terms for kids to understand.

Barbie says at the end, “when we don’t say anything [about anti-black racism], we’re just letting it continue”

Here’s the video: