Big Increases Are Coming To Netflix Canada Subscribers!

Remember when it was just $7.99!

Competition between online streaming services continues to grow and with that Netflix is going to have us shell out more for “Narcos” and “Orange Is the New Black”.

So here’s the deal, Netflix basic plan will now cost $13.99- that’s $3 more to watch content or two screens at once…This package doesn’t include high def…

If you’re a premium subscriber your price is also going up by $3 to $16.99!  This will get you up to four simultaneous streams and ultra high definition 4K video.

New subscribers will start paying these new fees now and current users will be emailed when their bill will go up!

Netflix says the move will help fund upcoming TV series and films as well as overall improvements to the Netflix platform.

Netflix isn’t the only services upping prices!  Bell Media will also charge more for Crave and HBO content…