Bud Light Enters Console Wars With A Gaming System That Keeps Your Beers Cold

But it will cost you $80,000!

Move over X-Box and Playstation, there is a new game in town!  Anheuser-Busch has revealed the BL6, a gaming console that keeps your beer cold.


According to the website description, Bud Light has released the BL6, “the world’s first-ever self-cooling six-pack that also plays video games.” It is one part koozie, one part video game console, and one part projector, and 100% drunken awesomeness.


The thing even has a built-in projector so you can beam your games onto a wall. There are six preloaded games on the BL6 and 16 gigabytes of memory. Bud Light even came up with their own original game called Six Puck!


The auction price was at 80 grand at the time of publication, but it is for a good cause as all proceeds will be matched by the Bud Light team and donated to the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation supporting their “Change is on the Menu” program.


Perhaps just invest in a mini-fridge!