Busch Releases New ‘Dog Brew’ For Your Pooch!

You share everything with your dog, so why not a beer!

Busch has just released what it’s calling Dog Brew — a “beer” for your dog.

Don’t worry, Dog Brew doesn’t actually contain alcohol or hops, which are toxic to dogs. Instead, it’s made from vegetables, herbs, spices, water, and pork broth. Yummy!


“Keep the Busch to yourself. That’s why we made this special pork bone broth brew for your best bud,” the company says.
According to Busch, you can serve Dog Brew to your pooch by itself, or pour it in your dog’s bowl over food.


And it can be served cold or room temperature — whichever Fido prefers.  Four-packs of Dog Brew, which cost $10, are already for sale on the company’s website AT THIS LINK.

Heads up, there is a waitlist!