Cake For Every Occasion, Even A Vasectomy!

There's a whole new meaning to "Happy V-Day"

Signature Desserts in Nashville, Tennessee made an epic cake for a lady who wanted to show some real appreciate for her hubby!

Instead of getting her husband a bag of peas to put on his swollen peas,  she got a cake!  Cake is for all occasions!  Even a vasectomy!

The cake maker created a very funny cake for a woman who was thrilled about her husband’s procedure!  The vanilla-frosted cake was decorated with a picture of two lemons, and the phrase ‘100% Juice, No Seeds’ is written across the top in black icing.

Despite the fact that it is easier and less invasive for men to get a no-more-babies procedure than for women- its still a big deal for them.

Vasectomy cakes are becoming very popular- here are a couple more to celebrate the occasion!