CHECK THIS OUT: Harry Potter Fans, Time To Take a Trip To Pickering

Wingardium Leviosa? Nailed it, you can tell I've watched Harry Potter.

If you’re a HUGE Harry Potter fan, GOOD NEWS! There’s a place not far away from Barrie where you can geek out.

Wizards Emporium is a store in the Pickering Town Centre! It’s the BIGGEST Harry Potter themed store in Canada.

3000 square feet of wands, candy, robes, and all things that Potter fans love and need!

Wizards Emporium

via Susie Kockerscheidt/Torstar

They’ve been doing really well, selling almost 1,000 wands and chocolate frogs in their first week!

It’s the only store in Canada that sells a specific line of Potter-licesensed clothing. The only other place where it’s sold? Universal studios.

Are you going to swing by?