Chicago Woman Breaks Hula Hooping Record

Her hips don't lie! (Sorry, I had to)

Jenny Doan, a 29-year-old Chicago woman has put her hula hooping skills to good use. She just broke the Guinness Book of World Records for marathon hula hooping, beating the current record by 25 hours. The current record of 74 hours and 54 minutes, set in 2009 by Aaron Hibbs of Columbus, Ohio. She started Tuesday morning, live-streamed the whole thing and reached her goal of 100 hours by Saturday morning.

It was more than just the hula hooping for Jenny. She ended up raising money for Mental Health America, a nonprofit organization. She raised more than $4,000 for the cause.

You’re probably wondering how she was able to eat and sleep. Each hour she hula-hooped, she was allowed a 5-minute break. So she banked the time which would allow her to have a 3-hour nap. What did she do while shaking those hips? Watched movies and TV shows, ate, chatted with friends, browsed Reddit and, as she wrote on her website, “twiddle my thumbs.”

The whole thing took three months of training and five days to complete.