Costco Sells Gold Bars

Did You Know That This?

For those hard-to-buy people on your Christmas list!

Costco is many shoppers’ go-to for everything from laundry detergent to clothing to produce to hot dogs, but now they have a new item for sale that might surprise you. Earlier this year, Costco started selling gold bars, solidifying their role as a true one-stop shop.

How to buy Costco gold bars

You can’t walk into a Costco warehouse and find these gold bars as they’re exclusively sold on the retailer’s website. Of course, like shopping for anything else at Costco, you have to have a membership to purchase a gold bar. Membership prices currently range from $60 to $120, depending on the tier. But another thing that might deter you from acquiring a gold bar from Costco is high demand and limited stock.

How much is Costco selling gold bars for?

Gold bars that Costco offers include a 1 oz 2023 Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bar…They are currently sold out… But there is another option…You can purchase a Suisse 1-ounce Find Gold bar for $2,829.99!

Merry Christmas!