Don’t Kiss Your Cat Or Dog And Wash Your Hands After Every Pat!

If a Tiger at the Bronx Zoo can get COVID-19, the possibility is there for your pet also.

While this theory hasn’t fully been explored, there is an Australian vet that is urging pet owners to use ‘common sense’ with pets.

Two research projects are underway at the University of Adelaide to determine whether pets can experience a biological transmission of the virus after several dogs and cats outside of Australia tested positive to COVID-19.

The spread of this virus and been human-to human, however- it is possible for humans to transmit to animals…

Dr. Anne Fawcett from the University of Sydney’s School of Veterinary Science says pet owners need to treat their pets the way they would humans and practise good hygiene….

The vet suggests to wash your hands before and after touching any animal.  It’s important to note that there are very few cases of the virus that have been found in animals- but just be careful, suggests vets.

If you or another family member have been struck down by the virus, minimal contact with pets is encouraged whenever possible.

Globally, there have been two cats and two dogs that have tested positive.