Eating Chilli Peppers Could Reduce Your Risk Of Dying From Heart Disease!

But its super spicy! Can you handle the heat?

There was a study done of almost 23,000 people that found that those who regularly eat chilli peppers were 61% less likely to die from a stroke, and 40% less likely to have a deadly heart attack.

It’s thought the health benefits of chilli peppers comes down to capsaicin, the chemical that provides heat and reduces inflammation.

The study suggests that you can follow a healthy diet or less healthy diet but if you eat chilli peppers- it does have protective effect.

Those who ate chillies at least four times a week were much less likely to die over the next eight years compared to peers who rarely touched it.

Previous studies have shown chilli peppers can protect against cancer and diabetes, act as a painkiller, boost gut bacteria, and combat obesity.