FaceTime Fun With Japanese Eels!

Totally not a shocking, slimy situation.

This story is so cute and I LOVE IT.

An aquarium in Japan is asking for YOUR help, if you’ve got the time.

Tokyo’s Sumida Aquarium is asking for volunteers to FaceTime it’s 300 spotted garden eels for a good reason!

They’re feeling a little lonely.

Since COVID-19 has occurred, the eels have begun to stop greeting the staff, and even burrow themselves into the sand when they pass by.

This makes it tough for staff to check on the spark tubes (eels) for their own safety.

Callers are allowed to wave and show their faces, but no loud noises.

Feel free to give it a call this weekend, as it starts on Sunday and runs until Tuesday!

Want to try it?

Here’s the info. Open FaceTime!

Open the app from your iPhone or iPad, and enter a Gmail address below to make a video call. ‌ Not compatible with Android OS‌.

Giver a try!