Families Say Their Homes Are Dirtier Than They’ve Ever Been!

How messy is your house?

A new survey of parents with school-aged kids said being home since March has allowed them to relax house rules.


75% of respondents said having the family for so long, has made normal rules go out the window!

Top house rules relaxed during the pandemic


Eating in front of the TV: 37 percent

No staying up past bedtime: 27 percent

Don’t leave wet towels or dirty clothes on the floor: 24 percent

No using your phone at the dinner table: 23 percent

Put the toilet seat down when you’re finished: 23 percent

No food in the bedrooms: 23 percent

Turn off lights when you leave the room: 23 percent

Always lock the door when you leave: 22 percent

No cups on the table without a coaster: 21 percent

Don’t put shoes on the furniture: 20 percent