Father Designs A T-Shirt With Train Tracks On The Back So He Gets A Free Massage

Such A Dad Move!

This father designed a T-shirt with train tracks on the back so he gets a free massage from his kid while he plays… Brilliant!

Ken Kawamoto is a Google software engineer and needed a massage but couldn’t get one because he was taking care of his son…

Dad’s are very good at finding ways to do what they want when the kids are in the way… This dad managed to get himself a massage and provide hours of entertainment (ok, maybe 5 minutes) for his kid.

Ken drew train tracks on the back of a white t-shirt. He lay on the floor on his tummy while his little son rolled trucks and trains up and down his back!

The inventive dad decided to add different directions to the railroad to ensure the mini train would hit all the spots.

Ken shared his epic dad invention on twitter!

You can now buy the ‘massive t-shirt’ online for £17.52.