Fun Facts About Tennis in Honour of Bianca Andreescu!

How proud are we of Bianca Andreescu making it to the semi-finals of the US Open!

She is the first Canadian in 5o years to win the Rogers Cup last month in Toronto and climbing to No 15 in the rankings from 208th just last year!


Now she is the first teen to play this far into the US Open since Caroline Wozniacki’s run to the 2009 final and only the third Canadian woman in the tournament’s 139-year history to reach the semi-finals after Lois Moyes in 1909 and Carling Bassett in 1984.

Here are some fun facts about the sport:

  • 24 tons of strawberries are ordered each year for the championship at Wimbledon. Wimbledon is also the only major tennis tournament that is still played on grass.
  • Traditionally, women wore full length dresses while playing for the Wimbledon tournament.
  • Tennis originated in Great Britain.
  • The strings of the tennis racket were made of cow and sheep guts in the past.
  • There’s a pineapple on top of the Wimbledon trophy. Apparently it represents the tradition of English sailors putting pineapples on their gateposts when they returned from a long voyage.
  • Yellow balls were first used at Wimbledon in 1986.
  • There’s no definitive reason we say “love” for zero in tennis. Some think it comes from the French expression “l’oeuf” as in “egg” meaning zero.