Holding a puppy makes you seem sexier to others!

Disclaimer! Don't go out and buy a dog because you think it will get you more action!

Researchers recently had people judge how attractive strangers were by looking at pictures of them with different pets.  And having a dog makes you seem much sexier than having a cat.

The sexiest pet to have if you’re a man is a puppy.

According to the survey, people thought guys were 24% sexier when they were holding a puppy, 14% more trustworthy, 7% smarter and 14% more attractive overall.  Cats only made guys 5% sexier.  Kittens had even less of an effect, at 4%.

But overall, guys were seen as slightly more attractive with dogs than cats.
If you’re a woman, the sexiest pet to have is a medium-sized dog.

They made women seem 7% sexier, 7% more trustworthy, 6% smarter and 7% more attractive overall.

Posing with a cat actually made women slightly less sexy, and kittens basically had no effect.

Puppies gave women a 3% boost in sexiness, small dogs, 4% and large dogs, 3%.