Strangest Looks from the 2017 MET Gala

Now, it's our duty to review some of the most "out-there" looks from Monday nights MET Gala!

We reviewed the strange looks from past MET Gala’s – read the article here

Now, it’s our duty to review some of the most “out-there” looks from Monday nights MET Gala! And let me tell you… There were some really interesting pieces out there that night…

1. Rihanna

I mean, I’m pretty sure it’s her job to wear the craziest outfits at the MET Gala.. Considering what shes worn in the past, however, this year really took the cake! This look reminds me of carpet/ curtain/ fabric swatch books? You know what I’m talking about… Shes just a big ol’ swatch book.

2. Madonna

Madonna just looks like shes going hunting… For what? You ask, no one knows. Regardless, camo is a print worn by our troops whom we respect greatly and those trekking through to bush to hunt. Not by Madonna at the MET Gala…

3. Jaden Smith…

I don’t really know what to say about this look, but it really grosses me out. He’s literally holding his own hair in his hand. GROSS.

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4. Solange

When you have the MET Gala at 8, but a sleep over at 10- you have to choose functional over fashionable. We get it. She was probably super comfy too.

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5. And THE MOST EXTRA of them all…. Katy Perry.

Theres just A LOT of red going on here, a little like a crime scene… And soo much fabric, weird accessories, head dresses? Whats going on.  Send help. SOS.

I suppose the MET Gala is supposed to be a showcase of wearable art, however these looks are just so out there! And still the burning question still stands… Are they supposed to be able to sit in these? If yes, then how big are the chairs?! SO many questions.