How Are Parents Dealing With This Lockdown And Home Schooling?

Parents say, this is really hard work!

Seven out of ten parents agree that being a teacher to their kids is harder than their job, according to new research.


Four out of Five parents say that they have a new respect for teachers with 77% agreeing that educators should be paid more.


This study asked 2,000 parents with school-aged kids how they’re dealing with the realities of keeping kids occupied and engaged while in self-isolation…


The poll found that half of parents are having a hard time working from home and dealing with family chaos. 

Seven in ten of those working from home say keeping kids occupied is affecting their work performance, with three out of four parents admitting that trying to educate their kids and work from home is “overwhelming.”


There is a real possibility that kids will not return to school this year and parents are worried that their kids will fall behind due to the lack of school work and time spent out of the classroom.


The top subjects parents want their kids to stay on top of are: Math, science and reading.


Hang in there!