If You Want A Better Sleep, Try Being More Optimistic!

There’s a new study that suggests optimists get better sleep than pessimists!

If only we could change our negative thinking all in the name of a good sleep!


Researchers at the University of Illinois surveyed more than 3,500 people between the ages of 32 and 51, asking them to rate how much they agreed with positive statements such as ‘I’m always optimistic about my future’ and negative ones like ‘I hardly ever expect things to go my way’.

Researchers then looked at participants’ sleep quality and duration and found that those who scored high on the optimism test tended to have better quality sleep.  If you’re an optimist, you could get between 6 and 9 hours of sleep.


There are a few schools of thought as to why this may be so…. And one is that a negative person might spend hours tossing and turning, worrying about all the bad things that could happen, while a positive person can dismiss fears and worries with optimistic thinking, thus allowing them to easily drift off and stay asleep once they have.