Its National Left Handers Day!

Only 10% of the population is left-handed!

The struggle is real…It really is a right-hand world!

However; You may be a lefty if….

If you’re paying more for left-handed scissors- if you can even find them!…

The entire side of your hand is covered in pen or marker after you’re done writing or colouring!

If you loathe three ring binders!

You’re convinced you’re ambidextrous!

The clothes on your side of the closet face the opposite way of your spouse’s or roommate’s. 


You’re a good baseball pitcher or a good first baseman. Left-handed players are prized in baseball..

You got a catcher’s mitt for Christmas and couldn’t understand how to use it.

You want to swear at a jar of pickles or olives – again it’s the torque thing that’s holding you back.