Katie’s Fit-Bit: Keeping Everyone Entertained Inside

Use these ideas to keep your sanity if your indoors during the holidays!

Well, it’s that time in between Christmas and New Years, a time when kids are off from school, stat holidays become holi-daze and many families going to more than one dinner.

So how do you keep everyone entertained? This is that part where we’re thankful for the internet and it’s endless possibilities.

Here are some ideas to help keep kids and adults alike entertained while indoors…

Try new Lego things without having to buy more Lego! This website, FrugalFun4Boys, gives tutorials on how to build new things with the Lego you already have.

Use all that cardboard and make some cool forts! So this site, has fancy painted cardboard forts… but I’m all about the imagination (and minimal cleanup) Got some of those fitted sheets in the cupboard and go to town!

Go to the library! Even if it’s not your home location… library’s are still free to visit and hangout in, even if you’re not checking out books. They usually have great activities for kids of all ages. So make use of those free things!

ADULTS, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! There are a zillion things for you to do, from tidying up, purging your closet or doing something stimulating. This list of 50 Fun Things To Do is pretty complete. It covers reading new books, doing artsy things to finding a new hobby and taking a luxurious bath.

Go forth, enjoy, do something that won’t drive you completely batty.