Katie’s Fit-Bit: Week 5

The first 4 weeks flew by, but this one went at a snails pace.

So here we are at week 5. I’m going to call this week a bit of a wash.

I had signed up for a new fitness class that I was super stoked to do… but then on the day of it was cancelled because of a lack of interest. This tells me that I was the only person who registered for the class. Lame.

SO today my son and I walked, almost all day! The only time we weren’t on a hike was when we were eating or napping. We walked by the water, went on a forest adventure and searched for treasure and picked some wild day lilies for my husband. It was an all around good day, and the weather was ON POINT!

BUT I did so some studio squats and kettle swings in the studio! Here’s to self motivation even though I had a zillion excuses not to!