Kid Brings Mom’s KY To School Thinking It Was Lotion.

That ain't lotion!

A mother from North Caroline named Tiara shared a hilarious story on her page, writing: “It’s the 3rd day of school and I already had to go up there [sic].  She writes:


“My daughter asked can she pack some lotion in her bag and of course I said yeah go get the small travel size out my top drawer. “Instead of me checking to make sure she got the right thing I didn’t because I was in rush.  “I say about 15 minutes my phone rings with the teacher laughing hysterically.”  “She asked did I know what she used to put on her legs… I told her yeah it’s Jergens lotion.  “Mrs Richardson [says] this ain’t no lotion ma’am.  “I gets to the damn school and see her all shiny so I’m thinking to myself why did she take the baby oil.  “The teacher pulled out what my daughter was putting on her legs and it was some damn KY… If anybody and I mean anybody wants a child.”

The post has done viral with other mom’s sharing similar stories;  with one message reading:  “Funny story, we lost the dice to a teacher’s game in the 5th grade and so I took my parents’ because they were pink so we could play.  “They were sex dice. I was in so much trouble.”

Another mom confessing that she once used lube to make her son’s slip and slide go really fast.  Here’s that slippery story