Lessons from the Goonies! A Life our Kids will never know!

A father named Clint Edwards was watching an old VHS version of “The Goonies” with […]

A father named Clint Edwards was watching an old VHS version of “The Goonies” with his 8-year-old son Tristan recently. Like most parents, Clint has seen The Goonies a million times, but this was the first time for his Son!

Like most kids seeing this iconic movie for the first time, Tristan laughed at the Truffle Shuffle, and he giggled at Mouth and his … well … mouth.

truffle shuffle

But then came the part of the movie, right before the young boys followed the pirate’s treasure map into the abandoned summer restaurant — the place where the criminals were hiding out —

Kids from the goonies

Tristan said, “Where are their parents?” Clint sat there for a moment, taking in the question. He wanted to know why a group of preteens was allowed to travel so far without parental supervision.

Now, for Clint and most of us from before 1990….This was something that seemed so natural to us as a child, but Tristan, a boy being raised in 2016, didn’t know that wandering the neighborhood with friends was an option.

Clint replied to his son, “that’s just the way it was back then”. Tristan responded, “That’s scary”!


Sadly, Clint Edwards is now one of those parents who does not allow his child to roam the streets looking for other kids to play with. Clint and his wife have a system, they arrange all playdates and coordinate with other parents…

What happened? When did it become unsafe to be a kid, playing outside unsupervised?

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