Life-threatening act of vandalism on playground equipment in Toronto parks leaves parents stunned!

How Low Can You Go

In Toronto, parents have raised concerns following reports that someone is smearing peanut butter on swings, slides and play equipment in the city’s parks, risking the safety of children with an allergy.
A city official said that since June they had received reports that peanut butter had been smeared in playground equipment in Carleton Park, Perth Square, Hillcrest Park and Dufferin Grove Park. Parents said they were shocked to learn that someone would endanger the lives of allergic children.

One parent noted it could just be some teenagers, not realizing the consequences of their actions. Food Allergy Canada said, “Given that even a small amount of peanut butter, if ingested, could cause a serious allergic reaction and be potentially life-threatening, it is a upsetting situation for everyone.”

An estimated 167,000 Canadian children under 18 are affected by peanut allergies, according to Food Allergy Canada. That’s roughly 2.5 per cent.

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