McDonald’s Is Celebrating 25 Years Of The Mcflurry With “B-Day Suit” Pyjamas

You've been in your PJ's for months anyway, so why not have a pair from Micky D's!

McDonald’s is marking the 25th anniversary of its famous McFlurry by releasing limited-edition loungewear!

The fast-food chain announced the launch of the “McFlurry 25th B-Day Suit” yesterday, saying the sets are “perfectly tailored for these not-so-normal times to give fans the feel-good celebration they need this year.”  The B-Day Suits are yellow and are patterned with three McFlurry flavours including Oreo, M&Ms and Chips Ahoy, a new limited-edition flavour.



The unisex loungewear sets will be available starting tomorrow for $25, while supplies last, and a coupon for a free snack-size McFlurry comes with each B-Day Suit.

The McFlurry was created in 1995 by a Canadian McDonald’s owner and operator.  The soft-serve treat mixed with candy and cookies is now served internationally in a variety of flavours.


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