Men’s Stress Increases If Their Wives Make More Than 40% Of The Household Income

Happy Wife, Happy Life? Nope- It’s Happy Man- then yes-she can…

According to a new study, a significant income gap between a couple, meaning the woman makes close to half of the families income-can and does impact a man’s health…

The study found that while husbands were most stressed when they were the “sole breadwinner, shouldering all the burden of responsibility for the household’s finances,” their stress declined as their wives’ income approached 40% of their household income.  But despite more money coming in, men seem to stress out over their wives success. 

The report comes at a time when women are catching up to men in what they bring home. A 2017 Pew Research study found that a third of women earn as much or more than their husbands, compared with 12% in 1980.

The results show that the gender stereotypes about men being the sole provider- can be dangerous for men’s health.  Constant stress can lead to physical illness and mental, emotional and social problems.