Montreal Dog Park Bans Barking!


Imagine taking Fiddo to the local dog park so they can run and bark and play, only to find out that Fiddo will not be permitted to make noise!

Posted on the gate to the park at the corner of Jean-Talon Street and Provencher Boulevard in Montreal’s Saint-Leonard borough, warns dog owners that if the dog parks they could be fined $500 and $2,000.

The sign stipulates that “it is forbidden to let your dog bark, whine, or howl.”

This isn’t a new rule, but many were unaware of it until the city posted the sign on the entrance gate.

Dog owners said Friday that they couldn’t believe the city would ban barking at a dog park and say it’s natural for dogs to bark while playing.

It would be the same as banning kids from yelling and screaming with excitement or tears at the playground.

They tried this in Ontario too…In March, when the city of Toronto installed a similar no-barking sign at the St. Andrew’s dog park, but it was removed within a week after public outrage.