More People Opting For Real Free Christmas Trees This Year!

“It’s a memory maker”

Yes, I remember the memory well.  My dad and I going to our local church to pick up a real Christmas tree. I also remember my father swearing and being in a very bad mood as he hauled it into the house.


The real Christmas tree industry, which has been battling increased interest in artificial trees, is glad to see that more people appear to be flocking to fresh-cut evergreens this season.

It’s early in the season, but both wholesale tree farmers and small cut-your-own lots are reporting strong demand. Businesses say they are seeing more people and earlier than ever. Seems to be that way if you take a look at your Facebook feed.


A number of reasons are driving up the interest. More people are staying home for the holidays amid pandemic restrictions and are realizing that for the first time in years — or maybe ever — they will be home to water a fresh-cut tree. 


With holiday parades and festivals canceled, stir-crazy families also are looking for a safe way to create special memories.


The national organization says industry research tells them many people who put up an artificial tree last year plan to buy a real tree this year, and most are citing the pandemic as the reason.