MUST WATCH: Dave Grohl vs. A 10 Year Old Viral Drum Sensation!

Talent? In Bloom. Ah you know what, Nevermind.

You’ve gotta love a story about Dave Grohl, he’s never really been the “bad guy” or a “asshole” rock star. Just a humble dude who loves to shred.

Earlier in the year, 10 year old Nandi Bushell went VIRAL for her cover of “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters. She’s wailing the hell out of the skins whilst screaming, but also NAILING it!

Check it out:

After her story blew up, she only wanted to battle Grohl himself, and she got her wish:

Dave later tweeted from the Foo’s account that she had won the first battle, but that there was “more to come”!

So awesome!