No fines for Harrison Ford over plane landing mishap

Uncle Jesse splits his pants while performing with the Beach Boys and Neil Patrick Harris will host a kids show!

Harrison Ford has escaped punishment over his plane landing mishap at a California airport in February. Ford, a licensed pilot, was given permission to land his single-engine Husky on a runway at John Wayne Airport in Orange County on Feb. 13, but he accidentally aimed for a parallel taxiway instead. Ford flew his plane in just above an American Airlines plane, which was set for take-off with 110 passengers and six crew members on board.  Harrison Ford has since been notified that he will not be fined, but will have to undergo extra pilot training, or lose his licence as a result of the incident, reports NBC News.


Oh to be a fly on the wall when John Stamos split his pants…

It’s all fun and games until you split your pants down the middle during a live concert with The Beach Boys… Yup; it happened to uncle Jessie on Sunday night! John Stamos recalls the event saying, “and then somewhere towards the end of Fun, Fun, Fun-I felt a slight breeze in the buttocks area…


Neil Patrick Harris To Host New Game Show For Kids

Neil Patrick Harris is set to host the children’s game show Genius Junior.  NBC explained. “Twelve teams of the most incredible children in the country will compete to be crowned Genius Junior. Over five gruelling rounds, with each round tougher than the last, teams of three children will have to work together to beat the competition. It’s not enough to win a spelling bee, be a mathlete or even a memory champion — to win Genius Junior you have to be brilliant at everything.”