One In Five Canadians Have Watched Netflix with Their Pets!

Netflix and Woof!

With National Pet Day coming up on April 11th this is the pur-fect time to let you know that according to a new survey released by Netflix, when it comes to watching TV, four out of five Canadian members have watched Netflix with their pet, and the majority (61%) find pets to be some of the best binge partners.

The reasons? Perhaps because they won’t hog the remote or talk during your show or even judge you for the show that you are binge watching.

One in three Canadian’s have turned to their pet for comfort during a sad or scary scene and 22% say that they even talk to their pet about what they are watching!



Other interesting findings of People and their pets while watching Netflix include:


44% of respondents have moved where they were sitting so their pet would be more comfortable
16% have bribed them with treats to watch longer
11% have even gone so far as turning off a show because their pet didn’t appear to like it.

Here are some more fun stats from Jessica Hoffeldt from Citizen Relations

Here are the top 10 shows in Canada to watch with your fur babies:

1 Stranger Things
2 Orange is the New Black
3 Fuller House
4 Riverdale
5 Black Mirror
6 13 Reasons Why
7 House of Cards
8 Trailer Park Boys
9 Marvel’s Daredevil
10 The Crow