“One Night Stand” Scented Candle!

Flaming Crap Does it again!

Who needs Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘vagina’ candle for $75 when you can get this ‘one night stand’ scented candle for $20!


The novelty candle brand Flaming Crap is selling this new candle that smells like pizza, passion fruit martini, latex (like a condom), and a new car. (You know, like the Uber ride back to your place)

The four-layer of the fragrance includes pizza first because all good dates begin with dinner, says the brand.


The second layer is the passion fruit martini!


Then it’s time to get lucky with a luscious latex aroma, followed by the fourth layer, which is the ride home of shame in a taxi!


The brand’s co-founder said that it’s meant to remind people of past one night stands after a year in which dating has been disrupted by a pandemic!