Pillows With Really Hot Australian Firefighters Exist!

See, 2020 isn’t all bad!

Your dreams can come true… Resting your head upon a shirtless Australian firefighter as your drift off to sleep.  Oh, and on each pillow, the hottie is holding a puppy or a kitten…

The Australian Firefighters Calendar is back, letting you flip through each month with another treat to look at, but this year the guys wanted to give us a much more hands-on treat, pillowcases!


All funds raised from the 2021 Australian Firefighters Calendar will be donated to animal charities…

Each pillowcase is $7.73 each, plus shipping.  Now if you’re shipping to Canada, the shipping will cost more than the pillow, but it will so be worth it.

Since the Australian Firefighters Calendar was established in 1993, they’ve raised more than $3.2 million for various charities.