Retired Couple Turns Their Living Room Into Their Vacation Destination After Cruise Is Cancelled Due To COVID-19

Making the best of the situation…

Norma and Dave we looking forward to celebrating their 53rd wedding anniversary on board a cruise ship.  The cruise would have taken them around the Pacific islands but is now cancelled due to Coronavirus concerns.


Their daughter Jane Trill, felt terrible when she saw the disappointment in her paren’t eyes and jumped into action to help them create their lost vacation in their living room!


Jane took to social media to show how people can get a little creative while stuck at home for the next few weeks.


The footage shows Norma and Dave with their feet up in bathrobes and lounge chairs overlooking a TV screen portraying a beautiful blue ocean. The two clinked wine glasses.


“Cruise cancelled? No problem,” Trill captioned the post.

The post got a lot of attention online including from Twitter who commented

“Doomsday prepping in style,” one user wrote. “Outstanding.”