Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Is Looking For Volunteers To Take A Free Cruise, But There’s A Catch!

Want to be a human guinea pig?

One of the world’s biggest ocean liner cruise companies are looking for brave volunteers to take a free cruise but during the pandemic.


The ships are looking to test their new coronavirus protocols by asking people to be passengers on a cruise.


A spokesman for the cruise lines says, “while we are eager to welcome our guests back on board, we have a lot to do between now and then, and we’re committed to taking the time to do things right.” He continued, “this includes training our crew in new health and safety protocols and conducting a number of trial sailings to stress-test those protocols in real-world conditions.”


Currently, cruise ships are under a “no sail order” as of November 1st, but before the order is lifted, there will be a lot of protocols in place including, crew members being tested for COVID-19 regularly and they must show proof to the CDC that they can mitigate the risk of the virus through a simulated voyage.


A series of cruises will be tested with crew members and volunteers in 2021.