Sacred Soil Arrives In Barrie Ahead of Base Borden Centennial Celebrations

Weekend Parade Also In The Works

A symbolic ceremony for members of Base Borden today. This afternoon, soldiers from the base will welcome some battlefield soil from Vimy Ridge. The two urns of soil are expected to arrive at the Barrie Armoury after 2:00 this afternoon. Base commander Brig. Gen. Carl Doyon says it’s not the soil itself but what it represents that holds importance for his soldiers. He says the soil is a symbolic representation of the DNA of those Canadian soldiers lost in battle. Many of the soldiers that trained at CFB Borden in 1916 fought and died at the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

Also out of Base Borden, a parade at Barrie City Hall. The Freedom of the City parade is slated to get underway around 11:00 tomorrow, and boasts at least 705 soldiers from Borden, the Grey and Simcoe Foresters, cadets, local veterans, members of the Legion, and area first responders. They’ll march from the Barrie Armoury to City Hall. The parade is to symbolize the bond between the military and the citizens of Barrie.