Shawn Mendes goes shirtless snow sledding: ‘You can take the boy outta Canada’

'Cooler' than ever.

Shawn Mendes ventured into the snow shirtless over the weekend and no one is complaining. The 25-year-old set out to have a little fun as we went sledding and played around in a snow-covered yard in only shorts…

“This is cold, bro,” Mendes can be heard saying as he lays down, half-naked in the snow. In a second video, he hops into a sled and takes off down a small hill with a push from a friend. “You can take the boy outta Canada,” Mendes captioned the various clips from his shirtless adventure.  

No stranger to cold weather, the Canadian-born singer-songwriter is also a pro at warming up as he cuddled up next to the fire with his guitar following the freezing frolic.

Mendes appears to be in good spirits heading into the new year as he shared in an earlier post that he is in a good space with his mental health.