Smooth Or Crunchy?

Finally a chance to talk about some REAL issues.

A new survey asked people what kind of PEANUT BUTTER they like more:  Smooth or crunchy.  And the big winner is smooth.  49% of people say that’s their favourite, 29% say crunchy, and the rest don’t have a preference.

The study also revealed the difference between smooth and crunchy people!

Smooth peanut butter eaters are introverts, more likely to book spontaneous trips, get more speeding tickets and also bail out on plans at the last minute!  Smoothies are more likely to stay in and watch movies or watching the Big Bang Theory! 

While crunchy lovers tent to be extroverts, They like Game of Thrones and are willing to go out and party…They are also more likely to fall in love at first sight. Crunchy peanut butter fans are more likely to have skydived, ran a marathon, and filed their taxes late.

The survey also found the average person eats peanut butter three times a week.