Spice Girls reunion!

Mel B is hinting that The Spice Girls will reunite next year for their 20th […]

Mel B is hinting that The Spice Girls will reunite next year for their 20th anniversary. I’m more in shock that 1996 was almost 20 years ago ….


The biggest movies of 2015!

#1 Jurassic World

#2 Furious 7

#3 Avengers: Age of Ultron

#4 Minions…

#5 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Biggest box office busts of 2015!

#1 Fantastic Four

#2 Jupiter Ascending

#3 Blackhat

#4 Pan

#5 Tomorrowland And speaking of Star Wars….

From movies to TV- what were the best shows in 2015… According to People; Empire, Better Call Saul, Fargo, Master of None, Quantico, and Super Girl….


Pregnant CNN Anchor Poppy Harlow Passes Out on Live TV — In the end, both mother and daughter are OK. Still, Poppy Harlow, who announced her first pregnancy in late November, gave viewers a scare when she passed out live on air on Monday morning while discussing a breaking news story. Though you do not see Harlow onscreen, you can hear her speech start to slur and a gasp from off-screen:


In a pre-taped interview for the Graham Norton Show, Jennifer Lawrence reveals that she hates new years…. She admits that everyone is chasing a good time, and it usually ends up in disappointment: Jen says, that she’s never had a good one….She also admits that she’s a puker- and that’s never fun for anyone!


“The X-Files” is returning to TV in less than one month…With that, Fox has released a behind-the-scenes teaser video with more than 20 minutes of footage and interviews to bring fans into the new year. “The X-Files” debuts with a special two-night event beginning Jan. 24 and continuing with its time period premiere on Monday, Jan. 25 at 8 p.m.


Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are expecting a little baby girl!

If anyone can pull off a Vogue cover shot while pregnant, it’s supermodel Chrissy Teigen. Teigen revealed on social media this week — with a picture of her cover for Vogue Thailand — the gender of the baby she’s expecting. A Little baby Girl will be the couples first child after trying for years…