The Average Person Will Spend More Than 57 Hours of Their Christmas Break Staring At A Screen

Good times!

And it won’t be just to watch feel-good family movies!


The study of 2,000 adults who celebrate Christmas found they will spend 49 minutes a day during the week’s holiday ‘mindlessly scrolling’ through their phones.


An hour every day will also be spent looking at their computer or phone for work-related reasons. 

And another 34 minutes each day – that’s just under four hours over the week!


On top of this, adults will enjoy 116 minutes a day watching TV and an average of 95 minutes in front of films, with Home Alone, Elf, Love Actually, and The Snowman on the must-watch list.


Playing video games, additional use of tablets, and texting tot up another 135 minutes.


It also emerged that in the week between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, 37 percent are looking forward to nothing more than lying in front of the TV ‘double screening’.

On average, adults will look at their phone 10 times every waking hour over Christmas – once every six minutes.




Video calls – 34 minutes daily

Watching TV – 116 minutes daily

Watching films – 95 minutes daily

Playing video games – 49 minutes daily

Scrolling mindlessly – 49 minutes daily

Using tablets – 48 minutes daily

Working – 60 minutes daily

Texting – 38 minutes daily

TOTAL: 489 minutes x 7 days = 3423 minutes, or 57.05 hours.