The Only Thing Not Locked Down This Year Has Been Our Phones!

We’ve been relying on them for our “social Life”

A study of 2,000 smartphone users found that almost half have used their phone more than usual during 2020, sending more messages, making more phone calls, and posting more on social media than the previous year.


What are we using our phones for?


  • Reading the news- 81%
  • Online Shopping -62%
  • Dating apps-13%

Virtual activities enjoyed via handsets also included having a drink ‘together’ (17 percent), watching a film or TV show ‘with’ others (12 percent), and taking part in quizzes (28 percent).


This increased use resulted in us making an additional 156 calls,104 more social media posts, and an additional 364 WhatsApp messages sent. The research also found that without our phones this year, we would have been totally bored. 


What people used their smartphone for in 2020:


1. Texting

2. Reading the news

3. Personal phone calls

4. Using WhatsApp

5. Watching YouTube videos

6. Online shopping

7. Reading social channel news feeds

8. Posting on Facebook

9. Liking other people’s posts on social media

10. Having video calls

11. Work phone calls

12. Ordering food in a restaurant/cafe via an app

13. Tracking their daily step count

14. Posting on Instagram

15. Searching for jobs

16. Posting on Twitter

17. Watching TikTok videos

18. Ordering drinks in a pub via an app

19. Played ‘board’ games e.g. Scrabble Go

20. Using LinkedIn