These Are Our Most Favourite Veggies!

What's your go-to veggie?

A new survey of 2000 adults reveals our favourite veggies!  Our Favourite is corn!

When asked, 91.4% of people like or love corn!  Potatoes are a very close second with 91.2% of people enjoying the veggie.

Carrots and tomatoes tied for third at 89% (tomatoes?)

The survey was done by to find out what our veggie eating habits are!

Onions and green beans are also high on the favourites list with 87% of people enjoying them.

Broccoli barely cracked the top 10, coming in at number 8 on the list. 

Now we know what we like- But what veggies don’t we like?

According to the survey, the most hated vegetable is Turnips, beets radishes and Brussels sprouts.

The most shocking part of this survey is that one in four people have never eaten a vegetable. And for those who do eat veggies, only one third say it’s part of a daily meal.

It’s worth noting that we feel bad when we don’t eat veggies and the main reason people aren’t eating them on the regular is simply the cost.