Things That Happened Almost Three Years Ago Before The Pandemic!

A list on of pop culture events that happened before the pandemic lockdowns include: Jennifer Lopez and Shakira performed the Super Bowl halftime show . . . Nick Cannon only had three kids . . . and Mr. Peanut reincarnated as Baby Peanut.

It’s been three years since the pandemic began…Because “pandemic nostalgia” is a thing, let’s remember what life was like RIGHT before everything went to shit and everything changed…

Let’s look back on what life was like before the world shut down…

Just one month before the pandemic began, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez played the Super Bowl halftime show. Little did we know that just a few weeks later, we’d all be quarantined. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, Nick Cannon only had three kids…and now he has 12.

Tiger King came out and took over the internet as the world was going through its first wave of shutdowns. The Invisible Man was one of the biggest movies. So was Sonic the Hedgehog and Bad Boys for Life.

The Grammys had just happened and Billie Eilish won a lot of trophies…

Celebrity couples that were still together included Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green and J-Lo and A-Rod.  Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes were super cute and in love.

One of the last “major” “events” that happened in a pre-COVID world was that Mr. Peanut died and was reincarnated into Baby Peanut.

At the end of February, just before doomsday, Megxit was announced. Meghan and Harry left the UK and their royal duties.

“Social distancing” wasn’t anything anyone ever said or did. We never uttered the phrases “super spreader” or “flattening the curve.”

Likewise, we had never talked about preferences for Moderna or Pfizer. And no one who wasn’t an actual doctor or nurse ever used the words “N-95s,” “PPE,” “variants,” or “quarantines.”