Things We Miss Most About Going To The Movies

I miss overpriced concessions!

The simple act of going to the movies seems like a distant memory.  It’s been eight months since most of us decided to check out the latest movie in a theatre!


Now, the few movies coming out are available on a streaming service due to the pandemic while other major movie companies are choosing to delay releases.

But what do you miss most about going to the movies?


Here are the top things we all miss!


  • Date night!
  • The magical filtered pop machine ( fountain pop always tastes better at the movies)
  • Absurdly large containers of popcorn
  • Debating the coming attractions
  • Complaining about all the commercials ahead of the “coming soon” features
  • Hearing everything in surround sound 
  • Annoying noises coming from other people
  • Snagging the perfect seat
  • Sticking it out to the bitter end to see if there is an easter egg
  • Whispering during the movie