Top Careers That Parents Want For Their Kids!

Parents want their kids to make a lot of money!

A new survey asked 2,000 parents what careers they want to see their kids go into when they grow up!  The results are clear- parents want their kids to earn good money more so than to be kind and honest as adults… One in 20 parents want success above happiness for their kids!

More than half of parents with high school aged kids are already pushing them into taking certain courses in an effort to lead them to the right career path…

Here are the top careers that parents want for their kids:


1.  Engineering, 48% of parents.

2.  Coding, 45%.

3.  Finance, 39%.

4.  Healthcare, 36%.

5.  I.T., 34%.



And the five careers we don’t want them to have are:


1.  Sales, 2%.

2.  Retail, 3%.

3.  Transportation and logistics, 5%.

4.  Human resources, 5%.

5.  Journalism and publishing, 5%.