WATCH: ‘Dirty Dancing’ Remake Teaser

New Musical TV Film Set To Air In May

Usually I’m not a fan of remakes, especially when it’s of an absolute classic like the original 1987 ‘Dirty Dancing’ with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey’. But I have to admit, this looks alright.

The TV remake of the film has Abigail Breslin starring as Baby, Colt Prattes is Johnny, and the flick also has some firmiliar faces with Debra Messing, Bruce Greenwood, Nicole Scherzinger, Sarah Hyland, Tony Roberts, Katey Sagal, Billy Dee Williams and J. Quinton Johnson.

‘Dirty Dancing’ will air on ABC May 24th.

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(Video & Image Courtesy of ABC & Trailers Promos Teasers/YouTube)