Wet Nose Wednesday Presents…. BOSS!


Welcome to my FAVOURITE new addition to Kool Nights: Wet Nose Wednesday.

Back when I lived in New Brunswick, I worked at a local SPCA and partnered with our local station (which I also worked at) to promote animals who have been in the shelter that DESERVED a home.

I’m so happy I’ve got to bring it with me here to Barrie.

Every single week, we’ll be featuring one animal from a local animal shelter and hopefully finding them their furever home.

The FIRST ever Wet Nose Wednesday is Boss!

Check out the video and some pics below.

If you’re interested in taking Boss home or any other animals, head to the OSCPA’s website!

You can also send them an email: barrie@ontariospca.ca

You’ll then have to fill out a survey and eventually have a ZOOM meeting! Then you can adopt the sweet lil guy.

Here’s a list of adoption fees:

Cat/Kitten: $175
Dog/Puppy: $450
Rabbit: Prices vary
Rodent: Prices vary
Guinea Pigs:  $20
Bird: Prices vary

They’re also running various fundraisers to make sure the OSCPA keeps running! You can find all the info on their website.

Check out their socials as well! Facebook here! Instagram here!