Who gets Prince’s Fortune? Twin Peaks cast announced and Zac is single again!

Looks like ladies have a change again…. Zac Efron is reportedly single again… Know how […]

Looks like ladies have a change again…. Zac Efron is reportedly single again… Know how we know? Zac deleted all photos of Sami Miro (now the ex) from his Instagram.com page, and ‘unfollowing’ her on social media … Zac and Sami have yet to comment on the rumours, but the actor was noticeably missing from the model’s side as she partied during the first weekend of California’s Coachella music festival earlier this month.


tv-twin-peaksShowtime revealed the cast members of David Lynch’s upcoming “Twin Peaks” revival series — all 217 of them. Among the original actors set to return are David Duchovny, Alicia Witt, David Patrick Kelly and Harry Dean Stanton. Series lead Kyle MacLachlan had already been announced as coming back for the new series. Showtime’s “Twin Peaks” will pick up decades after the original series, which ran for two seasons on ABC and ended in 1991. It should premier in 2017!


swimFirst Victoria Secret took away their iconic catalog and now this? Say goodbye to Victoria’s Secret swimwear – and the swim special for that fact, ladies. A recent report from Buzzfeed says that Victoria’s Secret is ending its affordable year-round swim line as part of its restructuring which was announced in early April.


prince 2Prince’s longtime lawyer called the death of the superstar a complete shock and said Monday that the singer lived a clean and healthy lifestyle, disputing suggestions that he had a drug addiction. An autopsy was conducted last Friday following the shocking death of Prince on Thursday…but complete results won’t be in for weeks. Police have said there was no indication of suicide. Celebrity website TMZ, citing unidentified sources, reported that Prince was treated for an overdose of the powerful painkiller Percocet while traveling home from concerts in Atlanta last week. Asked about the TMZ report, McMillan, Prince’s long time lawyer and friend said that while Prince may have been in pain and may have taken medication from time to time, he was “not on any drugs that would be any cause for concern.”


tyke-nelson-435SO Who Gets Prince’s fortune? It appears Prince died without leaving a will and as a result his 6 siblings could split a fortune. Multiple sources who have worked with Prince tell TMZ he did not have a will. Of course it’s possible in the last year or so Prince had a change of heart and drafted one, but that’s highly unlikely. Prince had 8 brothers and sisters, and only Tyka Nelson was a full sibling.   People have assumed Tyka — who has taken the reins — would get everything, but that’s not the case. In Minnesota half siblings and full siblings are treated exactly the same when it comes to inheritance without a will … they all share equally. Two of Prince’s siblings are dead, leaving 6. There’s one catch. If the deceased siblings had kids, they would be entitled to the same share as their parent. Sources say Prince’s estate is worth somewhere  around $150 Million


Conan O’Brien was a writer for “The Simpsons” in the show’s early days . . . and he once wrote a script for an episode that was supposed to feature Prince, but Prince didn’t like it so it never saw the light of day. It’s unclear how close it was to happening, but a few pages from the script have leaked online, and in one they make fun of his movies, and he might not have liked that.